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Handcrafted Wooden Wedding Rings

Whether you are eco conscious and love all things organic or just love the warmth of wood and its natural beauty combined with the pleasure of its tactile nature, wooden wedding rings make the perfect alternative to metal rings.
We can work closely with you to ensure your wooden wedding rings are perfect in every way for your special occasion.

Teak, Maple and Semi-Precious gemstone Ring £60.00
Scottish Oak, Walnut & Cherry Wooden Ring £50.00
Holly & Laburnum Windfall Wooden Ring £50.00
Rosewood & Gemstone Wooden Ring £65.00
Wood Of Life £50.00
Mullberry £40.00
Bentwood Reclaimed Mahogany & Maple £65.00
Railwayana Wooden Ring £48.50
Out Of Africa Wooden Ring £65.00
Celtic Wooden Wedding Ring £55.00
Wild Cherry and Walnut Wooden Ring £45.50
Free Ring Sizer £0.00
Collection of Scottish Woods Narrow Band Ring £60.00
Jerusalem Ring £50.00
Oak & Yew Narrow Band Wooden Wedding Ring £48.50
Yew Holly Wooden ring £55.00
Celebration Wooden Ring £60.00
Yew Court Wood Ring £50.00
Pink Ivory and Olivewood Wooden Wedding Ring £60.00
Fifth Wedding Anniversary wooden ring £65.00
Ancient Elm Wedding Ring £50.00
African Ebony Flatter Ring £55.00
Wooden Commitment Rings £65.00
Wooden Engagement Rings £65.00
Wooden Wedding Ring Box £55.00
Wooden Promise Ring £65.00
Abalone Shell & Indian Rosewood Ring £65.00
Ebony & Maple Wooden Wedding Ring £65.00
Wooden Ring From Oak Walnut Yew & Sand £65.00
Gemstone, Wood & Micro Fibreglass Ring £75.00
Oak, Ebony & Sand Inlay Ring £65.00