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Handcrafted 'Single Woods' Rings

Simplicity and Elegance is the key feature with our 'Single Woods' Range allowing the beauty of the wood to shine through. Only the finest woods renowned for strength, durability and of course their striking appearance have been selected for these wooden rings.

Wood Of Life £50.00
Mullberry £40.00
Windfall Burr Elm £40.00
Red Wood Ring £40.00
Railwayana Wooden Ring £48.50
Touch Africa Narrow Band Wooden Ring £55.00
Yew Court Wood Ring £50.00
Walnut Wood Ring £55.00
Scottish Oak Wooden Ring £45.00
Wild Cherry Wooden Ring £40.00
Silver Birch Wood Ring £40.00
African Ebony Flatter Ring £55.00
Ancient Elm Wedding Ring £50.00
Just Rosewood £55.00
Whisky Cask Ring £55.00
Holly Wood Ring £45.00