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Wooden Rings

In this section we have included many of our beautifully handcrafted wooden rings, designed from carefully selected woods from around the UK and the world, all of which have been chosen for their strength, beauty and durability.

With over 25 years of fine wood-working experience, and the last 10 years devoted to creating beautiful handcrafted wooden rings, we have led the way in wooden ring design and manufacture within the UK. Our closely guarded construction method ensures the strongest of wooden rings and can give you the confidence to know that you are buying from an experienced and tested maker.

Please feel free to read our testimonials and warranty and then allow us to create your own beautifully handcrafted wooden ring.

Yew and Oak Wooden Ring £55.00
Teak, Maple and Semi-Precious gemstone Ring £60.00
Scottish Oak, Walnut & Cherry Wooden Ring £50.00
Walnut & Gemstone Wooden Ring £65.00
African Woods wooden ring £45.00
Reclaimed Oak and Ebony wooden ring £65.00
Holly & Laburnum Windfall Wooden Ring £50.00
Rosewood & Gemstone Wooden Ring £65.00
Collection Of Scottish Hardwoods £60.00
Wood Of Life £50.00
Mullberry £40.00
Windfall Burr Elm £40.00
Bentwood Reclaimed Mahogany & Maple £65.00
Railwayana Wooden Ring £48.50
Out Of Africa Wooden Ring £65.00
Celtic Wooden Wedding Ring £55.00
Tribal Wood Ring £40.00
Cherry and Walnut wooden ring £40.00
Wild Cherry and Walnut Wooden Ring £45.50
Free Ring Sizer £0.00
Collection of Scottish Woods Narrow Band Ring £60.00
Scottish Oak Ring Box £45.00
Wooden Rings Gift Voucher £52.00
Bentwood Walnut & Fiddleback Oak Ring £48.50
Walnut Wood Ring £55.00
Scottish Oak Wooden Ring £45.00
Wild Cherry Wooden Ring £40.00
Silver Birch Wood Ring £40.00
Pink Ivory and Olivewood Wooden Wedding Ring £60.00
Holly and Shetland Isles Sand Wooden Ring £60.00
Olivewood and Oak wooden rings £55.00
Collection Of Exotic Woods Ring £55.00
Canadian Maple & English Walnut Ring £55.00
5th Anniversary Adjustable Ring £35.00
Spanish Olive Wood and Abalone Shell Ring £65.00
African Ebony Flatter Ring £55.00
Ancient Elm Wedding Ring £50.00
Whitby Jet Ring £65.00
Reclaimed Copper And Bronze Wood Ring £110.00
Oak, Ebony & Sand Inlay Ring £65.00