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Wooden Wedding Bands

Wooden Wedding Bands

We will care for your ring for life
We will care for your wooden ring for life

We will care for your wooden ring for life

One Year Warranty

After years perfecting our technique of making wooden rings we are confident in their strength and durability, and with a little care and consideration your handcrafted ring should give you many years of pleasure.

However wood is of course a natural material and can hide tiny flaws and imperfections, however careful we are when choosing suitable pieces to work with.


We are proud therefore to offer a one year warranty against breakage on all our rings.


We also offer a re-polishing service - just contact us if you feel your ring has lost some of its original lustre and we will be happy to bring back its original shine and colour. Please contact us to discuss.

Please note that evidence of poor care for your wooden ring (eg water/ moisture damage and impact damage) will invalidate the one-year warranty. Rings must be returned to us for inspection before our warranty guarantee can be fulfilled.

Your lovingly handcrafted wooden ring, although protected with at least 10 coats of hard-wearing lacquer, is a precious item that requires particular care.

With care your beautiful ring will give you pleasure for many years.