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Eco conscious wooden rings beautifully handcrafted from reclaimed and salvage timber, wind fall trees and driftwood.

If you have a special piece of wood and would like to have a wooden ring handcrafted from it, please contact us to assess its suitability, or if you have a favourite tree or type of wood currently not featured in our wooden rings categories we will be happy to source this for you.

Yew and Oak Wooden Ring £55.00
Scottish Oak, Walnut & Cherry Wooden Ring £50.00
Reclaimed Oak and Ebony wooden ring £65.00
Holly & Laburnum Windfall Wooden Ring £50.00
Collection Of Scottish Hardwoods £60.00
Mullberry £40.00
Windfall Burr Elm £40.00
Bentwood Reclaimed Mahogany & Maple £65.00
Railwayana Wooden Ring £48.50
Wild Cherry and Walnut Wooden Ring £45.50
Free Ring Sizer £0.00
Collection of Scottish Woods Narrow Band Ring £60.00
Scottish Oak Ring Box £45.00
Jerusalem Ring £50.00
Oak & Yew Narrow Band Wooden Wedding Ring £48.50
Silver Birch and Gemstone Wooden Ring £60.00
Bentwood Walnut & Fiddleback Oak Ring £48.50
Yew Court Wood Ring £50.00
Walnut Wood Ring £55.00
Scottish Oak Wooden Ring £45.00
Wild Cherry Wooden Ring £40.00
Silver Birch Wood Ring £40.00
Coral Oak & Walnut Wooden Band £65.00
Whisky Cask Ring £55.00
Ancient Elm Wedding Ring £50.00
Bog Oak Ring £65.00
9th Wedding Anniversary Ring £55.00
Whitby Jet Ring £65.00
Wooden Ring From Oak Walnut Yew & Sand £65.00
Reclaimed Copper And Bronze Wood Ring £110.00