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Wooden Rings inlaid with semi-precious gemstones and other inlays.

Beautifully handcrafted wooden rings with stunning inlays from gemstones, birthstones, paua shells and sand. Please select from our current choices, alternatively please contact us with your ideas and desired inlay to create a truly unique wooden ring.

Teak, Maple and Semi-Precious gemstone Ring £60.00
Walnut & Gemstone Wooden Ring £65.00
Rosewood & Gemstone Wooden Ring £65.00
Cherry & Gemstone Wooden Ring £60.00
Free Ring Sizer £0.00
Sand Inlay & Wood £65.00
Oak & Amber Wooden Rings £55.00
Silver Birch and Gemstone Wooden Ring £60.00
Native Cherry and Peridot Gemstone £60.00
Purpleheart and Pink Opal Gemstone Ring £65.00
Holly and Shetland Isles Sand Wooden Ring £60.00
Coral Oak & Walnut Wooden Band £65.00
Spanish Olive Wood and Abalone Shell Ring £65.00
Indian Rosewood & Gemstone Ring £65.00
Wooden Promise Ring £65.00
Walnut Wooden Engagement Ring £65.00
Wooden Engagement Rings £65.00
Ebony & Maple Wooden Wedding Ring £65.00
Whitby Jet Ring £65.00
Wooden Ring From Oak Walnut Yew & Sand £65.00
Gemstone, Wood & Micro Fibreglass Ring £75.00
Oak, Ebony & Sand Inlay Ring £65.00