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Our stunning range of stylish and contemporary wooden rings

All of our handcrafted wooden rings are individually crafted from carefully selected beautiful woods and with no two pieces of wood exactly the same you can take pleasure in the knowledge that your wood ring will be truly unique.

Using the finest construction methods to focus on strength and longevity, we have spent the last 10 years refining designs which maintain warmth and charm.

African Woods wooden ring £45.00
Reclaimed Oak and Ebony wooden ring £65.00
Red Wood Ring £40.00
Rustic Oak Signet Wood Ring £60.00
Tribal Wood Ring £40.00
Free Ring Sizer £0.00
Collection of Scottish Woods Narrow Band Ring £60.00
Celebration Wooden Ring £60.00
Purpleheart and Pink Opal Gemstone Ring £65.00
Wooden Commitment Rings £65.00
Antipodean Wooden rings £45.00
Collection Of Exotic Woods Ring £55.00
Reclaimed Copper And Bronze Wood Ring £110.00
Oak, Ebony & Sand Inlay Ring £65.00